May 15, 2020

It Takes a Village: Getting back to work safely

By Christine

Over the last months as most of us have been at home, the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA) has focused on what working in the ‘new normal’ will look like for our industry.

We’ve written about it, spoken to the experts, hosted virtual town hall meetings and done the research. The key lesson we’ve learned along the way? Employers and employees can’t get back to business safely and successfully without help.

As they struggle to get back on their feet, owners need guidance and information on how to reopen in a way that minimizes the risk of exposure to coronavirus for workers and customers (The last thing businesses want is to return to more stay-at-home orders.) They also need help understanding shifting regulations for our industry and how to maintain compliance in the wake of COVID-19.

At the same time, returning employees are facing new challenges and require more workplace support than ever to deal with financial, mental health and substance use issues.

For Employers

NDASA encourages businesses to closely follow federal, state and county guidelines for reopening. Plans may vary by state, but as you get back to work, we’re here to help you with the tools and resources you need to do it safely. 

NDASA has developed a comprehensive library of COVID-19-related materials, where you can find:

  • Industry-specific information from our partners.
  • Updated guidance from the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Recommendations concerning workplace safety from the Centers for Disease Control, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other government agencies.
  • Business-focused information from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others. 

For employees

In the best of times, employees often look to their company’s leaders as a source of information, clarity and guidance. During a crisis like COVID-19, a leader has an even greater responsibility to support their teams and ease concerns.

According to a Gallup study, what people need most from leaders right now are trust, compassion, stability and hope.

NDASA recently teamed up with Working Partners, which routinely partners with businesses and communities to create positive behavioral change and improve the quality of the workforce. Together, we want to help educate business owners about the importance of being aware, empathetic and proactive in addressing employee wellness issues as we continue to deal with the repercussions of the pandemic.

Look in NDASA’s resource library for help in supporting your employees:

  • Crisis care information.
  • Resources from mental health organizations including the National Alliance on Mental Health, Mental Health America, and the American Psychiatric Association. Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
  • Information on substance use disorders and finding treatment.

We are continually updating and adding to our COVID-19 resource page. Please let us know if there are additional materials and information you need by contacting Also, continue to look for our COVID-19 Town Hall Meetings and related webinars.

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